Known as the 'dolphin whisperer', Captain Victoria is on intimate terms with the wildlife of Key West's emerald green waters. She has been guiding wilderness eco and dolphin tours for 44 years. She knows many of the dolphin by name and has her own signature 'whistle' that lets her dol-friends know when she arrives at the playground. "She plays music to attract dolphins," writes Mark Spivak, National Geographic Traveler, through marine speakers installed in the hull of the boat. Her relationship with the dolphin is truly inspired. Each charter, full day or half day, will be by your design. You can snorkel around Key West and the outer islands, watch the dolphins play, explore the wild mangrove islands, go bird watching, swim like a dolphin on her special swim boards, picnic on an uninhabited island, and even have a whole day dedicated to stress relief. With Captain Victoria, you truly get it all, including all her years of experience and eco-education about the protected waters and wildlife refuge that is the Florida Keys. She grew up in Key West and the backcountry was her playground. She has so much to share with you as she takes you around her island home on her boat, the Imp II. Come aboard the IMP ll, a completely shaded 25-foot, ultra comfortable, quiet, shallow draft power vessel. Experience being a Dolphin for a Day, swimming like a dolphin while snorkeling, and immerse in the unique and beautiful Florida backcountry around Key West and the Florida Keys.

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5130 Overseas Hwy #1, Key West, FL 33040