Bird and Wilderness

Explore the natural world of the Florida Keys and journey into the magical realm of the glorious Great White Heron! On a bird and wilderness tour, you will explore the mangrove ecosystems surrounding Key West, and journey into the unspoiled, natural habitats of the wildlife native to the Lower Florida Keys. There are five distinct ecosystems to explore, all with their own special flora and fauna and sea life. You will see an abundance of the many species of birds like herons, terns, ospreys, hawks, eagles, cormorants, egrets and pelicans; marine animals like sea turtles, wild dolphins, and occasionally the manatee, as well as many species of coral and tropical fish. Picnic on a remote mangrove island with beautiful birds and natural white beaches. What an exciting and incredible tale of exploration to take home to family and friends. There is no other place quite like these mysterious and magical mangrove islands.

Aboard the Imp II, a 25-foot open fisherman, I’ll take you out to the “flats” and the mangrove islands I call God’s jungle gym, to see birds, fish, and other wildlife at play in their natural habitat. I use my degree in Environmental Marine Science to teach you what I have learned in books, but more importantly, in nature’s classroom. My commitment to teaching people about how humanity has affected wildlife is demonstrated in my enduring dedication and respect for the natural, undisturbed habitat of the Florida Keys.

You will have a magical, moving experience and will learn so much about this wildlife refuge and about yourself, as well. Discover how a full or half day trip can change your life and perspective forever and uncover a passion within you to be more attuned with the natural world.