As a native of Key West, and a charter boat captain for the last 44 years, I know the waters of The Key West National Wildlife Refuge intimately. I teach environmental marine science to those who want to learn more about our connection with nature by being in nature. I’ve taught children who have realized their future in ecology and some have even gone on to long careers as advocates for our earth. All of the charters I offer can be full or half-day and will certainly be a wilderness adventure to write home about. You will watch dolphin, relax on beaches and play on our wilderness islands, bird watch, snorkel and even swim like a dolphin.

Growing up here stimulated my passion for our earth and I hold a Degree in Environmental Marine Science. I specialize in carefree play for children of all ages as we explore my childhood playground. Mother Earth spirituality is my path in this life, which I can share with you while experiencing the phenomenal inter-species communication through music and integration with our natural world.

The best way to plan your ideal day is to give me a call and let’s talk about your dreams, desires, ideas and bucket list. We will plan a day that will make memories to last your lifetime.