Reef and Snorkeling

For the experienced snorkeler, be ready for as much time in the water as you want. On a full or half day, you will explore five distinct habitats such as Patch Reefs made up of the mounding corals teeming with tropical fish of all kind, the soft coral forests, seagrass beds and mangrove estuaries. You can even use the swim boards attached to a line and be gently pulled over the reefs giving you the experience of swimming like a dolphin.

If you have never snorkeled, have no fear, Captain Victoria will take you to a shallow place where you can sit or stand on the sand to get started. You can take your time as you get comfortable with the equipment and learning the skills. She chooses a place where there will be no current and you will never be alone. As you learn to trust Mother Ocean to support you, Captain Victoria will teach you that air really does come in easily through your snorkel, and when you feel ready, she will encourage you to explore the shallow areas with your new sense of adventure.

Everything underwater here is protected and Captain Victoria will help you become a steward of the sea life as you come to understand the precious and delicate habitats that make up the Florida Keys. Remember, all of the Florida Keys are within the National Marine Sanctuary, so no touching or standing on anything but sand.