Upcoming Retreats

Stress Management Series

Capt. Victoria offering Watsu

Select weekends in July, August and September 2019

This summer I will offer a series of classes on select weekends where you will learn several stress management tools that you can take home with you to continue to practice on yourself or offer to others. Contact me for more information.

This is shiatsu massage as you float resting on my hands and arms. Watching your breath as you rise and fall while supported in my arms, I move you slowly and gently stretch you while using the sea as my “table”. After about 20 minutes, you will start to feel a little chilled, so I bring you up and out and you feel like a relaxed wet noodle. During these sessions, I demonstrate and pair you up to show you how Watsu is done and you take turns learning each movement and technique. Maximum 5 people.

Enjoy a retreat using my sacred sound tools. This is a give and receive stress management time, as you explore the different healing sound tools’ many vibrations. Using your intention, you focus the tools on each other, the sea, the dolphin, trees or sea life. I will do a sound healing on each person in several ways. My teacher of sacred sound, Jonathan Goldman, has gifted me with some great tools that he invented or discovered. Tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls and crystal singing bowls can be yours for the day as you experience deeply intentional sound healing.

2 Day retreat.
This type of breath work is very emotionally releasing. You can choose any situation or event in your life to work with that caused you to feel like you had to or were holding your breath. Using a mask and snorkel, you are held in place by a partner, where there is no current or waves, on a shallow sand bar in azure colored waters. When emotions arise, you breathe through them. Held by your partner in the shallow water, you can safely allow the emotions to pass. A guided meditation will be offered to help bring you to a peaceful place while safely reviewing a challenging time and finding your breath again. 5 people maximum and two days is minimum to accomplish the desired outcome.

Bring your own crystals to cleanse and renew with new intentions and programming. There will be time to lie on the sand under umbrellas with crystals placed on your chakras for re-balancing. There will be quiet time to walk the beach and create your own nature mandala on the sand with found objects and your crystals and stones. A guided meditation will help you slip into another dimension and experience going within to soothe your soul. Bring two crystals to program with an intention. You will leave one with the dolphin as a sending and receiving unit to connect to from home. This is a day of deep inner listening that will leave you feeling centered and rejuvenated.