About Captain Victoria

Hi, my name is Captain Victoria Impallomeni-Spencer and I was born in Key West, Florida, and was raised here until I was 13. My Dad made me my first boat when I was 10. When he was in port, as a Navy man, we were always on the water with him and exploring the islands. When I moved back in 1973 and had my son, Stephen, I got back in the boat and became Key West’s first female charter boat eco-tour captain.

When you are with me, we will explore the same islands I grew up on and visit with the dolphin who love to tag along and listen to the music I play for them. I have underwater speakers in the hull of the boat just for them. When we are out, we are playing music for the dolphin and enjoying their dance. They really do dance to the music!  I share my experiences and teach about the Florida Keys ecology and environment and I try to erase fear and superstition by replacing it with knowledge and experience.

I have always followed a path in life I call Mother Earth Spirituality and I can bring that more into play if it is requested. It’s part of my healing side for self transformation. I believe that when we  commune with nature, and revitalize our energy by being in the Dolphins’ playground, it is truly uplifting for the spirit and brings peace of mind.

I love these waters and islands so much, they are unique and special, and that is why I want to share them with you. You too, can experience the powerful beauty contrasting the fragile and delicate nature of the Florida Keys and you will know why we are working so hard to preserve this sacred area for future generations. I look forward to meeting you soon and dancing awake your water spirit.